About Us

Castle Shop is one of the leading suppliers of Technical Measurement and Safety Instruments into many industries. Sound Meters, Vibration Meters, Vibration Trigger Timers, Gas Detectors, Air Samplers, Lone Working, Scales, Inspection & Test, Light Meters, Pressure Meters, EMF, Temperature and Thermometers.


Castle Group Ltd

Castle Shop is a key division of Castle Group Ltd, based in Scarborough, North Yorkshire. Castle Group Ltd was formed in early 1971, initially to design, manufacture and sell Electronic Instruments in addition to undertaking contracts for custom design work.

The first major contract was for the Open University to design and manufacture a Sound Level Indicator, the CS15C. This Sound Level Indicator turned into the biggest selling Sound Meter ever.

All sales up to this point were by traditional methods, sales visits, telephone, email and fax.

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Launching of Castle Shop

In 2007, Castle Group Ltd launched www.castleshop.co.uk to give it's customers the ability to browse and buy it's full product range in a few small clicks, all from the comfort of an office. For the first time, customers were able to view products without the demand and time delays of a sales visit. 

Initially listing only the manufactured products from Castle Group Ltd, this mainly consisted of Sound Measurement and Vibration Measurement Instruments. Customers could view Images, Technical Datasheets, Product Descriptions and Pricing at their leisure.

The popularity was evident, with online sales growing year on year. This led to the widening the product range, investing in associated markets such as Air Sampling, Gas Detection and Electromagnetic Fields - core areas of expertise of Castle Group Ltd.

Castle Shop in 2017

As growth of sales continued, as did investment and growth into associated product ranges. As of 2017, there are over 150 Categories with 2,300 product listings from almost 80 manufacturers. 

The introduction of new product ranges demanded a category restructure in order to keep the sites navigation simple to use. We introduced the red Category Bar which stays constantly at the top of the page, giving you clear access to key categories.

A new search bar was added with improved search result accuracy, and increased numbers of videos were added to products, giving customers an even greater insight into product features and capabilities than ever before.

Last updated 19/06/2017.