Analox O2NE+

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The Analox O2NE+ is the solution for monitoring oxygen in the air near potential leakages or build ups of inert gas. This oxygen depletion monitor capable of monitoring for: Nitrogen, Argon and Helium; will give you a piece of mind knowing that staff are safe in their working environments.

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Brand Analox
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Analox O2NE+

If there's a leak or build-up of gases in a confined space this will deplete the level of oxygen which is very dangerous for anyone who is exposed to this air for a period of time. Employers have a duty to take risk assessments in areas using inert gases and the O2NE+ is a simple and cost effective safety solution which saves lives.


  • Simple Calibration - The O2NE+ can be calibrated on "pure air" which is easy to source and ship globally and affordable too
  • "Plug and play" - The O2NE+ is easily wall-mounted and basic installation does not require a qualified electrician
  • Repeater Included - The O2NE+ comes complete a repeater which is to be placed at the entrance to provide and early warning before entering the room
  • Long life O2 sensor - Can last up to 10 years

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