ATP IR-86 Mini IR Thermometer

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This pocket size and easy-to-use ATP IR-86 Mini IR Thermometer is ideal for precise non-contact measurement of surface temperatures. Suitable for monitoring appliances, heating, ventilation & air conditioning systems, food preparation and storage temperatures.

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ATP IR-86 Mini IR Thermometer
ATP IR-86 Mini IR Thermometer ATP IR-86 Mini IR Thermometer ATP IR-86 Mini IR Thermometer ATP IR-86 Mini IR Thermometer

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Brand ATP
Available Outside the UK? Yes

ATP IR-86 Mini IR Thermometer


  • -50° to 260°C x 0.1°
  • User selectable °C or °F
  • Hold within 2 feet of the area to be measured, push the button, read the display
  • Distance to spot size ratio is 1 to 1 at the focal point
  • Fixed emissivity at 0.95
  • Response time less than 1 second
  • Large 20mm LCD display with function indicators
  • Automatic Data Hold
  • Auto Power Off 
  • Low Battery indication
  • Impact-resistant ABS case

Compact pocket size 3½ digit Multimeters. They are ideal for use by electricians, electronic engineers, general industry and laboratories. A single positive click action rotary selection switch provides ease of use. They offer multi-function measurement capability and 220Vrms overload protection. Note: 10A range is unfused.

Supplied with Batteries

Technical Specification

Voltage AC / Voltage DC

Voltage AC Voltage DC
Range 200V, 750V 200mV, 2000mV, 20V, 200V, 1000V
Resolution 100mV, 1V 100µV, 1mV, 10mV, 100mV, 1V
Accuracy ±1.2% ±10 digits ±0.5%DCV ±2 digits

Current DC

Range 200µA (MDM-830D only) 2000µA, 20mA, 200mA, 10A
Resolution 100nA, 1µA, 10µA, 100µA, 10mA
Accuracy ±1.2% ±2 digits

Resistance (Ohms)

Range 200, 2000, 20K, 200K, 2000K Ω
Resolution 100m, 1, 10, 100, 1K Ω
Accuracy ±0.8% ± 2 digits
Diode Test Max Open Circuit 2.8V
Continuity Audible Beeper if Resistance is less than 100Ω

Temperature (MDM-830C only)

Range -20° to 1,370°C
Resolution 1°C
Accuracy ±3°C ± 2 digits >150°C

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