Autocom Logic Kit 2 for Rider & Pillion


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Logic Rider & Pillion enables you to easily speak to your passenger and receive a clear response without interference. It's features also allow you to listen to your favourite music, make phone calls, and even pick up your GPS instructions; all while you are riding!

Autocom Logic Kit 2 for Rider & Pillion

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Brand Autocom
Simultaneously Talk To 4
Pack - Units 1
Pack - Headsets 2
Features Bluetooth to Sat-Nav, Bluetooth to Phone/MP3, Talk with 3+
Available Outside the UK? Yes

Autocom Logic Kit 2 for Rider and Pillion

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Boasting crystal clear communication between rider and passenger, the Logic Rider & Pillion is the makes every bike ride an easy experience. The system come complete with a fitting kit for a proffesional installation. The system will connect to a passenger, mobile phone, music, GPS and bike-to-bike.


  • Autocom's best selling system!
  • Advanced DSP electronics giving crystal clear sound
  • Slim speakers that are comfortable on your ears
  • full duplex technology allows rider and passenger to talk naturally
  • Rider and passenger have their own volume control
  • Connects to a mobile, MP 3, GPS, bike to bike and passenger*
  • Devices are permanently connected
  • Allows for Instant switching between devices
  • High quality, water resistant cables and connectors allowing everyday use

What's in the Box

This Kit Includes:
  • Two air units 
  • Two rechargeable batteries 
  • Two microphones 
  • Two pairs of 32 Ohm speakers 
  • Charger 
  • Two weatherproof protective sleeves
  • Two multifunction helmet button 
  • Operation manual

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