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Castle Sonus GA116E Class 1 Environmental Sound Level Meter

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The Sonus GA116E is the perfect meter for environmental noise measurements to the new BS 4142:2014 standard for Rating and Assessing industrial and commercial sound.

This instruments boasts an impressive noise floor enabling you to measure low level ambient noise. With a total linear measurement span of 108dB and full data logging and integrating features, never before has such a credible and high performing environmental sound meter been available at such an affordable price.

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BS 4142 Sound Meter
Castle Sonus GA116E Class 1 Environmental Sound Level Meter GA116E BS 4142 Environmental Sound Meter BS 4142 Sound Meter

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Product Specification unless deselected above

Brand Castle Group
Application Noise at Work
Noise Features Data Logging
Class Class 1
Weightings A, C, Z
Measurement Parameters Leq, Ln
Available Outside the UK? Yes

Castle Sonus GA116E Class 1 Environmental Sound Level Meter

The Castle Sonus range of pocket sized sound level meters bring simplicity and power to the world of Noise at Work and Environmental sound monitoring. From basic nonlogging sound level meters to combined sound and dose meters with time and date stamped data logging capability. There are a number of system packages available to suit many applications from simple tasks such as alarm monitoring, to a fully weatherproof system for long-term environmental solutions, there are also dedicated packages for Noise at Work requirements.


  • Measures Lp, Leq, Lmax, LE, L10, L90, L(user)
  • Measures parameters simultaneously including LAeq and either LZeq or LCeq
  • Under range and Overload indicators
  • A, C or Z frequency weighting selection
  • A, C or Z Peak measurements
  • ‘Slow’, ‘Fast’ and ‘Impulse’ time weighting selection
  • Save results to internal flash memory
  • Download data to a PC via a USB connection
  • Noise Analysis Software included with the meter
  • Small and light weight, fits into small shirt or jacket pocket and also supplied with a strong pocket clip.
  • Lockable Key pad through options
  • Single battery operation of typically 12 hours
  • Weatherproof system option for long term outdoor monitoring

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Technical Specification

Instrument Standards: IEC 61672-1 : 2002 Class 1 Group X Level Ranges:Level ranges:
20-9019 – 93dB22 – 90dB30 – 93dB
40-11039 – 113dB40 – 110dB50 – 113dB
60-13059 – 133dB60 – 130dB70 – 133dB
Measuring Channels Two
Parameters Lp, Leq, Lmax, Apeak, Cpeak, Zpeak, LE, L10, L90, Ln (user selectable), Measurement Run Time, Overload, Interval Duration
Linear Operating Range 70dB
Frequency Weighting ‘A’, ‘C’ and ‘Z’
Combinations of ‘A’, ‘A’&’C’ simultaneous or ‘A’&’Z’ simultaneous available for Lp, Leq and Lmax
Time Weighting ‘Slow’, ’Fast’ and ‘Impulse’
Percentiles L10, L90 and either L1 , L5 , L50 , L95 , L99
Memory 2100 Data Intervals Maximum in one or multiple recordings
Microphone (Type Free Field) ACO 7146 pre-polarized ½” condenser microphone, 50mV/Pa
Microphone Preamplifier Low Noise, Removable Preamplifier
Noise Floor GA116L: <12.0dB(A) , <12.0dBC , <14.5dB(Z)
Display Alphanumeric LCD with Contrast Control, digit size 7mm x 5mm
Batteries 1 x PP3 (9V) - Typically 12 hours continuous use
External Power 12v - 18v via Multi Purpose I/O Socket
Connections 9 Pin Multi Purpose I/O Socket for: -
USB (Cable Supplied), AC Output, External Power
Environmental Temperature Operating Range: -10 to + 50ºC
Humidity: Up to 90% RH Non Condensing
Electromagnetic Compatibility IEC 61672-1 : 2002
Case High Impact ABS plastic with membrane keypad

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Model Comparison


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dBAir Sonik Sonus

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Top of the range sound level meters with extensive features, including WiFi Data Transfer and optional octave band analysis. Dedicated sound meters for Occupational and Environmental Noise assessments with very easy operation and impressive battery life. Proven and fully compliant sound level meters at an impressively low price.

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GA141S GA141E GA141SE
GA142S GA142E GA142SE
GA116L GA116E GA116I
Safety Environmental Integrating
Voice Memo Recording
Audio Events Recording
1/1 Octave Bands
1/3 Octave Bands
Data Logging
Advanced Data Logging
USB Connectivity
WiFi Data Transfer
PC Software – Castle dBData
Cloud Software
Colour Screen
Download data as .CSV
(Percentiles) LN
Noise Exposure Pa2h
HSE Exposure Points
NA (Level exceedance count)
Battery Type
4 x AA (1.5v) 4 x AA (1.5v) 4 x AA (1.5v)
4 x AA (1.5v) 4 x AA (1.5v) 4 x AA (1.5v)
1 x PP3 (9v) 1 x PP3 (9v) 1 x PP3 (9v)
Battery Life *
8+ hrs 8+ hrs 8+ hrs
24+ hrs 24+ hrs 24+ hrs
8+ hrs 8+ hrs 8+ hrs
A weighting Noise Floor
16.0dB 16.0dB 16.0dB
16.0dB 8.0dB 16.0dB
18.6dB 12.0dB 32.0dB
C weighting Noise Floor
15.0dB 15.0dB 15.0dB
17.2dB 9.4dB 17.2dB
18.2dB 12.0dB 38.0dB
Z weighting Noise Floor
25.0dB 25.0dB 25.0dB
18.9dB 11.8dB 18.9dB
20.6dB 14.5dB N/AdB
1 or 2 1 1 or 2
1 or 2 1 1 or 2
1 or 2 1 1 or 2
Time History
Advanced Advanced Advanced
Basic Basic Basic
Basic Basic N/A
No. of Ranges
2 2 2
3 3 3
3 3 3
Total Linear Range
25 - 140 20 - 130 25 - 140
25 - 140 20 - 130 25 - 140
32 - 140 22 - 130 41 - 140
Frequency Weighting (A, C, Z)
A, C, Z A, C, Z A, C, Z
A, C, Z A, C, Z A, C, Z
A, C, Z A, C, Z A, C
Time Weighting (Fast, Slow, Impulse)
F, S, I F, S, I F, S, I
F, S, I F, S, I F, S, I
F, S, I F, S, I F, S
Memory Size
32GB+ 32GB+ 32GB+
4MB 4MB N/A+
  *Screen settings dependant Comparison chart R1

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