Chauvin Arnoux

Chauvin Arnoux CA1510 - Air Quality Monitor

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This is the CA 1510 Indoor Air Quality Monitor which simultaneously displays the level of CO2, the temperature and humidity.

Chauvin Arnoux CA1510
Chauvin Arnoux CA1510 Chauvin Arnoux CA 1510 Air Monitor

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Boxed Weight (kg) 0.2
Brand Chauvin Arnoux
Available Outside the UK? Yes

CA 1510 Indoor Air Quality Monitor - monitor the air around you for a healthy environment

This Air Quality Monitor is equipped with a large backlit display, on which is can simultaneously display the level of CO2, the temperature and humidity. This CA 1510 was designed to work in Schools, Hospitals, Offices, Transport, Workplaces and many other areas.

Key Features:

  • CO2, temperature and humidity logger (up to 1 million measurements)
  • Compact and stand-alone: for fixed or portable use
  • User-friendly: thanks to the comfort indicators based on the CO2 level and hygrothermal criteria
  • Accurate: complies with the latest standards concerning air quality monitoring
  • Low gas consumption for verification with its in-situ calibration kit

Whether in places open to the public (transport, government offices, schools or hospitals), workplaces or private areas, our lifestyles mean we spend most of our time indoors. Human activities and products used in construction, decoration and furniture (paint, floor and wall coverings, varnishes, etc.) are all sources of contamination emitting substances into the air. Ensuring good indoor air quality means having an appropriately-sized ventilation system capable of reducing the levels of the pollutants emitted in the premises to a concentration considered acceptable. Outdoor air contains approximately 0.04 % (400 ppm) of CO2. In indoor environments, human activity (breathing) can quickly raise this concentration to 1,500  ppm (in meeting rooms and classrooms, for example). For this reason, the level of CO2 is an excellent indicator of the efficiency of air renewal systems.

Compliant with the latest standards for measuring CO2 in order to assess ventilation systems and measure pollutants in the context of indoor air quality monitoring, the C.A 1510 is also an accurate preliminary diagnostic indicator thanks to its alerts set at 1,000 ppm or 1,700 ppm of CO2 in the air.

Technical Specification

Maximum Temperature


Best Temperature Measurement Accuracy

±0.5 (-10°C → +60°C)

Temperature Measurement Resolution


Maximum Humidity Measurement


Best Humidity Measurement Accuracy

±2 %RH

Humidity Measurement Resolution


Carbon Dioxide Resolution


Best Carbon Dioxide Accuracy


Power Source


Battery Type


Battery Life

1 Year (ECO Mode), 15 days (Portable Mode), 45 days (1D 3D Mode and P_REC Mode)

Maximum Carbon Dioxide Level


Maximum Operating Temperature





125 x 65.5 x 32mm



Minimum Carbon Dioxide Level




Model Number p




Display Type


Minimum Operating Temperature


What's in the Box

Supplied with

  • C.A 1510 Indoor air quality tester,
  • 2 x LR6 batteries,
  • USB mains adapter,
  • USB-micro USB cable 1.80 m long,
  • Quick start-up guide,
  • Mini-CD containing the AQR software, and
  • the user's guides (one file per language) and Verification attestation.


AQR (Air Quality Report) software is provided as standard, which can be used to export data into excel to calulate the confinement index with selection of periods when people are present and to generate reports.

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