Dosimeter DS300

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Personal noise dose meter with two-channel measurement.

Dosimeter DS300

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Brand Kimo
Application Noise at Work
Measurement Parameters Leq, Dose
Available Outside the UK? Yes

Dosimeter DS300

Personal noise dose meter with two-channel measurement.


  • Only one dynamic range extended from 100 dB : 40-140 dB
  • Conventionnal and integrating-averaging sound level meter mode
  • Two-channel measurement
  • Audio-recording on exceeding thresholds, peaks or short LAeq

Measured values:

  • Sound pressure level: LAF - LAS - max-min
  • Equivalent continuous level: LAeq - LCeq - LXeq - octave bands 63 Hz/8 kHz
  • Detection and peak counting: 135dB - 137dB - 140dB
  • Daily sound exposure level: Lex,d
  • Sound exposure: EA,T : in Pa²h
  • DOSE

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