DustScan Monitor DS100-D

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The DustScan Monitor is a pole that you stick in the ground, or if not you can attach it to a wall or a fence. It has a sticky disc on top that catches dust and records the dust coverage (AAC) and dust soiling (EAC), after analysation, these results are recorded as highly accurate percentages, as it is quick to detect any anomalies. This device is for outdoor use and you can keep outside as long as you wish, but we recommend you replace sticky discs every three days. When you purchase this product, you receive two sticky discs and once you are finished recording information, you send the sticky disc for analysis and you are sent another disc. Analysis for each disc is around £20-30. This product differs from the Dust Scan Monitor DS100 as it measures horizontally instead of vertically, we also recommend that you change the pads more often.

Dust Scan Monitor DS100-D
Dust Scan Monitor DS100-D Dust Scan Monitor DS100-D

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Brand Dust Scan
Application Dust Sampling
Available Outside the UK? Yes

DustScan Monitor DS100-D

The dust disc samples can be analysed to create a report to find out how much mg/m²/day and it is also suitable for physical and chemical characterisation tests.

These dust monitors are for monitoring the amount of nuisance dust in an industrial area, this DustScan can tell what direction the dust is coming from and how much dust is collected, it can easily be installed and produces highly accurate readings that are able to easily define some anomalies. The DustScan comes with a rain guard and can be left for a time to collect results usually around 3 days or however many is necessary. It complies with the regulations for air sampling which means it is ready for use.

Ideal For:

•Monitoring directional and depositional dust levels
•Monitoring site boundaries and fences
•Investigating allegations of dust nuisance by potential receptors
•Compliance monitoring
•Assessing the effectiveness of dust suppression measures
•Locating dust pathways and sources

What's in the Box

This Kit Includes:
  • Combined directional and depositional dust gauge
  • Includes DS100 components
  • Dust Disc sample holder
  • Dust Discs

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