Dust Scan Monitor DS100

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This Dust Scan Monitor collects data on dust from 360° using a vertical sticky pad, unlike the sticky discs that the Dust Scan Monitor DS100 uses. These sticky pads are extremely difficult to tamper with and it is obvious if dust has been thrown at the monitor or someone has attempted to remove dust, this ensures a fairly high accuracy. The difference in the Dust Scan Monitors is this monitor is vertical and only needs the sticky pads to be changed every 7-14 days, instead of every 3 days. On purchase, the Monitor comes with two sticky pads, and after the time it has been left outside, you send it to be analysed and you are then sent a replacement sticky pad. Each analysis costs around £20-30. This equipment is robust, inexpensive, easy to install, operates well in all weather conditions and doesn't need a power supply.

Dust Scan Monitor DS100

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Brand Dust Scan
Application Dust Sampling
Available Outside the UK? Yes

Dust Scan Monitor DS100

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The Dust Scan generates dust coverage (AAC) and dust soiling (EAC) measurements and with it's clever design it is able to easily detect and anomalies that may contaminate the scanning process. The system its self can be attached by being bolted to the ground, where this may be an issues it can easily be mounted to walls or fence posts etc.

The DS100 is ideal for:

  • Site boundary monitoring
  • Locating dust pathways and sources
  • Assessing dust annoyance allegations from potential receptors
  • Baseline dust monitoring
  • Compliance monitoring
  • Dust modelling and mapping studies

What's in the Box

This Kit Includes:
  • Directional sticky pad dust gauge
  • Mounting post
  • Monitoring head
  • Sampling cylinders
  • Transport flasks
  • Rain guard
  • Sample transport box

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