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Legislation Starter System for Noise & Vibration

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The Legislation Starter System for Noise and Vibration gives you everything you need for noise and vibration monitoring in one kit. This kit gives you the Castle GA2006H VEXO H Vibration meter and the GA216I Sonus Pocket Integrating SLM Class 2 Sound Level Meter.

Noise and Vibration Legislation Starter System
VEXO H SONUS GA216I SONUS GA216I Noise and Vibration Legislation Starter System

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Brand Castle Group
Available Outside the UK? Yes

Legislation Starter System for Noise and Vibration

The Castle Group Legislation Starter System for Noise and Vibration gives you all you need to monitor the noise and vibration exposure in the workplace. 

Vexo H Hand Arm Vibration Meter

This Hand Arm Vibration Meter, the Vexo H, is the UK's Best Selling Meter for Measurement Hand Arm Vibration

Designed by Castle Group Ltd, one of the world's leading organisations in the monitoring of Vibration in the workplace, this Hand Arm Vibration Meter was designed around The Control of Vibration at Work Regulations 2005 . 

It was created to provide Health and Safety Managers with everything they will need when assessing vibration levels of handheld power tools in the workplace. 

Start reducing the risk of HAVS Issues and Claims within your organisation today with this Hand Arm Vibration Meter, the Castle Vexo H, the UK's Best Selling Hand Arm Vibration Meter.

It's Easy to Take Vibration Measurements with this Hand Arm Vibration Meter, the Castle Vexo H

It's very important to consider that to defend personal injury claims in a court of law, only measure readings are considered to be evidence in your defence. 

This best selling Hand Arm Vibration Meter, the Castle Vexo H, enables you to easily measure the vibration levels of the handheld power tools that your employees use, ensuring that your employees aren't over exposed to vibration levels over and above the Action and Limit Values stated in The Control of Vibration at Work Regulations 2005. 

Once a measurement has been taken, this Hand Arm Vibration Meter, the Castle Vexo, will display an extremely accurate vibration magnitude level. 

This vibration level can be calculated with the exposure time (actual exposure times can be found with a tool timer) into HSE Exposure Points - the HSE's guideline method of monitoring vibration exposure in the workplace. More information can be found on HSE Exposure Points - click here. 

This Hand Arm Vibration Meter was designed to be nothing but easy to use, giving you the ability to measure large numbers of different hand held power tools in a day, whilst ensuring highly accurate results. Recorded Data is logged in the internal memory of the instrument, ready to be downloaded to the included free software, VibDATA Vibration Analysis Software. Data can also be viewed on screen for immediate use. 

Built and supplied with long life rechargeable batteries, an additional pack can be purchased to ensure this Hand Arm Vibration Meter can be ready to use whenever you need it. Designed with a rugged and impact resistant body, you can be confident that your new investment will stand the test of time. 
This Vexo H Hand Arm Vibration Meter and all it's accessories is supplied in an Attache Carry Case. 

Start effectively measuring vibration exposure with the Castle Vexo H Hand Arm Vibration Meter to ensure HAVS doesn't become a problem with in workforce. 

Features of the Vexo H - Hand Arm Vibration Meter:

    • Tri-axial vibration meter
    • Fully compliant with ISO 8041 : 2005
    • Large dynamic range
    • Re-chargeable battery pack and charger
    • Large 'Flash' memory
    • Rugged accelerometer and cable
    • Large colour display
    • Only 3 operational buttons for simple use

Castle Sonus GA216I Class 2 Integrating Sound Level Meter

The Castle SONUS range of pocket sized sound level meters bring simplicity and power to the worlds of Noise at Work and Environmental sound monitoring. From a basic sound pressure meter to a combined sound and dosemeter, the range of systems covers a wide diversity of applications. The Castle Sonus GA216i is a feature packed instrument, fully compliant with IEC 67672:2013 Class 2. This meter gives simultaneous Leq and peak measurements for assessments to the Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005. It has a high-specification measurement microphone and is cased in tough, crack resistant ABS plastic. It has a high-specification measurement microphone and is cased in tough, crack resistant ABS plastic.

Features of the GA216i:

      • Integrated equivalent level (Leq) measurement
      • Personal Sound Exposure Level (LEpd)
      • Sound Pressure (Lp) to 0.1 dB resolution
      • 'A' and 'C' frequency weighting (toggle)
      • 'Slow' and 'Fast' Time weighting (toggle)
      • Simultaneous measurement of Lp, Lmax, and Cpeak
      • Lmax - maximum Lp hold (rms.)
      • Cpeak - maximum peak level
      • Elapsed time (running time hrs, min, sec)
      • Single Event Sound Exposure Level (LAE)
      • Overload and Under-range indication
      • Battery condition (Life approx. 12 hours)

Using your Castle Sound Meter couldn't be simpler. Operate your new Sound Level Meter by pressing the cleverly designed keys to navigate around the meters many features and capabilities. Intuitively developed, it will seem like you've been using one for years.

Technical Specification


Instrument Standards ISO 8041 : 2005 Human Response to Vibration
For compliance with:
ISO 5349 : 2001 Measurement and evaluation of human exposure to hand-transmitted vibration
Range (Integration = Acceleration) Low: 0.05 - 200.0m/s-2 / 0.005 - 20.4g
High: 0.50 - 2000.0m/s-2 / 0.05 - 204.0g
Measurement Channels One
Parameters Acceleration: Arms, Aeq, Amax, Peak, Vector Sum, HSE Exposure Points, EAV and ELV
Linear Operating Range 72dB
Frequency Weighting WH - Hand Arm Filter
Memory Flash memory storing up to 992 recordings
Transducer Castle KD1010, 10mV/g
Noise Floor
Display Full Colour Graphic OLED Display (160 x 128)
Batteries NiMH re-chargeable cell pack
Typically 10 hours continuous use
Connections Input: 3.5mm Stereo Jack Socket
AC Output: 4 Pole 3.5mm Jack Socket
Download: USB Micro B (Cable Supplied)
Recharge: DC Socket (Charger & Cable Supplied)
Languages English UK, English US, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Portuguese Brazilian, Russian, Spanish
Temperature Operating Range -10 to + 50ºC
Humidity Up to 90% RH Non Condensing
Electromagnetic Compatibility Designed in accordance with the following Electromagnetic Compatibility Directives:
SI 2005/281
Case High Impact ABS plastic with tactile membrane keypad


Applicable Standards IEC 61672-1:2002 (Integrating, Sound Exposure and Sound Level Meters)
IEC 60651:1979+A1+A2 (Sound Level Meters)
IEC 60804:2000 (Integrating Function
Microphone and Preamplifier Type 7052 Pre-Polarised ½” (13.2 mm) Free-Field, Electret Condenser Microphone: 20Hz – 8KHz ± 2dB –32 dB ± 3 dB re 1V/Pa Custom pre-amplifier design Typical actuator to free-field correction factor (based on 500Hz=0) is as follows
Display Back-lit LCD panel (8x1 Characters) Alpha-Numeric display for measured results
Level Range Measuring Range: 35-140
Linear operating range (IEC61672-1): 65dB
3 Measurement Ranges (IEC61672-1): 35-100 55-120 - Reference Range 75-140
Noise Floor Typical ’A’ Weighting ‘C’ Weighting
Frequency Weighting ‘A’ and ’C’ to IEC 61672-1:2002 and IEC 60651:1979+A1+A2
Frequency Range 20 Hz - 8 kHz (including microphone) 1 Hz - 20 kHz (electrical characteristics)
Time Weighting Slow and Fast
Instrument Response Simultaneous rms. and Peak
Measurement Parameters Lp (Sound Pressure Level), Leq (Equivalent Sound Level), Lmax (maximum Level), Cpeak (Max. Peak Level), LEpd (Sound Exposure Level), LAE (Single Event Sound Exposure Level) Other Displays: Elapsed time, Overload, Battery Life
Calibration Software controlled 91.0 to 120.0 dB (1kHz) in 0.1 dB steps
Processing A to D Converter: 12-bit, 352Hz sampling Controller: 8MHz, micro-controller
Power Requirements Batteries: 1 x 6LR61 (size PP3), Life: >12 hours (alkaline batteries, continuous operation)
Dimensions 60mm (width) x 35mm (depth excluding pocket clip) x 135mm (height without microphone) or 210mm (height with microphone)
Weight 220gms (including battery)
Manuals Multi-language manuals*: French, German, Spanish and Italian


What's in the Box

This kit includes:

  • 1 x GA2006H Castle VEXO HARM Vibration Meter
  • 1 x GA216I SONUS Pocket Integrating SLM Class 2
  • 1 x GA257B Industrial Dosemeter
  • 1 x GA601 Calibrator - Single Level Class 2
  • 1 x PC009 VIBdataPRO Vibration Analysis Software and Cable
  • 1 x KA010C2 Small Attache Kit Case Class 2 (Sonus)

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