For Lone Working

Protect every lone working staff member with clever Lone Worker Devices

Lone Workers are anyone who works alone or without close supervision as part of their working day. Lone Worker devices allow legally responsible employers to monitor staff in situations where incidents may have much worse repercussions if an employee is alone. These devices are a step towards the HSE requirements for companies to act so far as reasonably practical. 

The Lone Worker devices in this category can allow the user to send a number of different alarms, depending on if they are in distress, being confronted, have fallen (triggered by gyroscope technology within the devices), or have been still for longer than a preset time. All of these alarms are managed in an online portal, accessible anywhere with an internet connection, and alerts can be received over SMS and Email to numerous contacts.

Blackline Safety, the Canadian manufacturer of the Loner Devices, are a market leading organisation in employer safety. We are a trusted UK distribution partner of Blackline Safety and more than capable of providing the highest levels of support.