HAVi IS Manager Pack (Intrinsically Safe)

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Intrinsically safe HAVi Manager is the complete hand-arm vibration monitoring kit with the HAVi Hand-Arm Vibration Monitor which adheres to standards for working in dangerous areas.

HAVi IS is an intrinsically safe version of the HAVi Monitor, it has all the characteristics of the standard design with the added benefit of holding an EC Type Examination certificate for Equipment or Protective System Intended for use in Potentially Explosive Atmospheres Directives 94/4/EC and has been independently tested and certificated by Beseefa.

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Brand HAVi
Features Dust Proof, Water Proof
Tool Timer Family HAVi
Available Outside the UK? Yes

HAVi IS Manager Pack (Intrinsically Safe)

The HAVi IS holds the EC Type Examination Certificate for equipment or protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres (Directive 94/9/EC) and conforms to BS EN 60079-0:2009, BS EN 60079-11:2007 and BS EN 60079-0: 2006. Additional HD coloured covers, log books and fabric ties are also available. Working with machine tools can cause hand-arm vibration syndrome and, according the Control of Vibration at Work Regulations (2005), must be monitored to ensure daily exposure limits are not exceeded. The intrinsically safe HAVi vibration monitors provide the easiest way to ensure continued health of tool operators while measuring hand arm vibration levels. The HAVi IS is programmed by on-site operators and strapped to the machine being used either by a fabric tie or with cable ties. Once the HAVi is running the trigger times are continually monitored and displayed using the HSE points system. Once work is completed the number of points and duration of use are recorded in a log book. It really is that simple to use and that's why the HAVi doesn't cost the earth. HAVi really is a click and go system and the intuitive design to recording makes HAVi management easy to record and audit ensuring full Hand Arm Vibration compliance.

The Intrinsically Safe HAVi Manager is the complete HaVi Hand-Arm monitor kit with all you need for total compliance with the Control of Vibration at Work Regulations (2005) with the ability to work in areas where intrinsically safe equipment is vital.

The HAVi Manager comprises of

  • HAVi IS Units
  • Heavy Duty Cases
  • Log Books

Along with the HAVi Manager Pack

  • Risk Tool Kit, which helps assess exposure compared to legal values
  • Tool Inventory
  • Risk Elimination documentation
  • Risk Reduction and Control documentation
  • Training Presentation
  • Training DVD
  • HAVi Manager documentation
  • Posters
  • Self-audit procedure

The HAVi IS is an intrinsically safe hand-arm vibration monitor provides an easy solution to monitoring hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS). Operation of the HAVi is simple, giving a clear reading of vibration exposure using the HSE Points system which can be recorded in the log book provided. It is now easy to achieve compliance with the Control of Vibration at Work Regulations 2005 and the EU Physical Agents (Vibration) Directive 2002/44/EC whilst working in conditions where BS EN 60079 adherence is vital.

HAVI IS Features

  • Shows magnitude, Time and HSE Points in real time
  • Easy to read LCD screen
  • Long life battery
  • Small and light, Dimensions: Length: 6.8cm, Depth: 2.4cm, Width: 3.3cm
  • Programmable in seconds without the need for computer set up
  • 100% waterproof and dust proof
  • Easy to fit to machinery with cable ties or fabric strap
  • Warning lights with
    • Amber at Exposure Action Value (EAV) level and
    • Red at Exposure Limit Value (ELV)

    HAVi IS Manager Kits

    Entry Level - 1 HAVI IS, 1 Case, 1 Log Book, 1 HAVi Manager Packs

    Basic Level - 6 HAVi ISs, 6 Cases, 6 Log Books and 6 HAVi Manager Packs

    Standard Level - 12 HAVi ISs, 12 Cases, 12 Log Books and 12 HAVi Manager Packs

    Premium Level - 24 HAVi ISs, 24 Cases, 24 Log Books and 24 HAVi Manager Packs

What's in the Box

HAVi IS Manager Kits

Entry Level
  • 1 HAVi IS
  • 1 HD Kit
  • 1 Log Books
  • 1 HAVi Manager
  • 1 Poster Pack
  • 1 Safety Card
  • 1 HAVi Presenter
Basic Level
  • 6 HAVi IS
  • 6 HD Kit
  • 12 Log Books
  • 1 HAVi Manager
  • 1 Poster Pack
  • 12 Safety Cards
  • 1 HAVi Presenter
Standard Level
  • 12 HAVi IS
  • 12 HD Kit
  • 24 Log Books
  • 1 HAVi Manager
  • 2 Poster Packs
  • 24 Safety Cards
  • 1 HAVi Presenter
Premium Level
  • 24 HAVi IS
  • 24 HD Kit
  • 48 Log Books
  • 1 HAVi Manager
  • 3 Poster Packs
  • 48 Safety Cards
  • 1 HAVi Presenter

Downloads and Datasheets

Datasheet HAVi Datasheet

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