HD 200 Thermo-hygrometer

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Portable thermo-hygrometer with hygrometry and temperature probe.

Portable thermo-hygrometer, Functions: relative and absolute humidity, dew point, wet and dry temperature. With backlit digital display, voltage/current module (0-10V - 4-20mA), voltage and current input cables, 2 PT100 channels (-100 to +400°C).

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HD 200 Thermo-hygrometer

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Brand Kimo
Measurement Application Air and Gas Measurement
Thermometer Type Ambient Air Thermometers, Fixed Probe Thermometers, Thermo-Hygrometers
Available Outside the UK? Yes

HD 200 Thermo-hygrometer

The HD 200 is a portable thermo-hygrometer with a temperature and hygrometry probe. Relative and absolute humidity, wet and dry temperature and dew point are all functions of this unit. It has a backlit digital display, voltage/current module (0-10V - 4-20mA), voltage and current input cables and 2 PT100 channels (-100 to +400°C).

In the HD200 kit there are no probes supplied.

However with the HD200STD has an ABS temperature/hygrometry probe (3 to 98%RH and -20 to +80°C) Furthermore the HD200HT comes with a stainless steel temperature/ hygrometry probe and is 300mm long (3 to 98 %RH and -40 to +180°C)

Lastly the HD200HRS comes with an ABS wireless probe without a filter (3 to 98 %RH and -20 to +80°C) and a 4-thermocouple-channel module. It is also supplied with the thermocouple K lamella contact probe. %RH, Ambient °C , Dew Point °C , Contact °C are all simultaneously displayed.

Software, 4 thermocouple-channel, Smart-Plus temperature and hygrometry wire or wireless probes and ammeter clamps are all options.

The PT100 is from -20 to +80°C with the hygrometry standard probe. The high temperature probe is from -40 to +180°C. Lastly according to the model it is from -50 to +250°C.

Thermocouple K is from -200 to +1300°C, thermocouple J is from -100 to +750°C and lastly thermocouple T is from -200 to +400°C.

The current/voltages are 0 to 2,5 V, 0 to 10 V and 0 to 4/20 mA.

This unit comes supplied with a hygrometry probe, current/ voltage module, transport case and a calibration certificate.

Technical Specification

Sensing Elements Hygrometry: capacitive sensor
Temperature Pt100 1/3 DIN
HD200 Connection On the top: 2 secured mini-DIN connectors for SMART-Plus probes
Left Side 1 USB port for KIMO cable only, 1 power supply plug
Interchangeable Measurement Modules Thermocouple module: Connection: 4 inputs for compensated miniature male plug of thermocouple type K, J or T Class 1 (s per IEC 584-3 norm)
Current/ Voltage Module Connection: 2 stereo jacks
Display Graphic display 128x128 pixels
Dim. 50 x 54 mm
Blue backlight
Display of 6 measurements (including 4 simultaneously)
Housing ABS shock-proof
Keypad Metal-coated,
5 keys
1 joystick
Conformity Electromagnetical compatibility (NF EN 61326-1 norm)
Power Supply 4 alcaline batteries 1,5V LR6
Operating Environment Neutral Gas
Operating Temperature from 0 to +50°C
Storage Temperature from -20 to +80°C
Auto Shut-Off adjustable from 0 to 120 min
Weight 340g
Languages French, English, Dutch, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Norwegian, Finn, Danish

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