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This Audiometric Testing System is ideal for testing staff or patients to determine their hearing standards. Simply place the subject inside the sound attenuating booth cutting out background noise, this creates the ideal environment to conduct a hearing analysis. Once the conditions have been set and the subject is in the booth you can use the audiometer included in this package to conduct the analysis, the examiner is even able to see the subject through the window in the booth. These products go together hand in hand, we even include the USB cable necessary.


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Brand Castle Group
Application Health and Safety, Noise at Work
Available Outside the UK? Yes

Castle Audiometric Testing System

USB330 USB Audiometer

This USB330 Audiometric system runs directly from your PC and is packed full of features, the software is designed for ease of use increasing your convenience. The testing switch along with the headphones connect to your PC using a USB port, once you have run the test according to your needs the data will be stored for analysis then output. The hearing tests can be set up through the PC and operates as portably as the PC itself, the use of a laptop is recommended if the operation is in a factory or business environment. Locate older records conveniently and speedily thanks to the highly capable search facilities utilised.


  • Manual or Automatic Testing
  • Automatic Hughson Westlake test
  • Pulse Tone Selectable, 0.5 to 2.5 seconds
  • Select which Frequencies to Use
  • Sound Levels from -10dB to 110dB in 5dB steps
  • All the Data is stored on the PC
  • Setup features for individual needs
  • Powered via USB Port

With one set of headphones and your own PC you have a complete audiometer system! It is supplied with the AudioConsole, TDH-39 earphones which are mounted with the Silenta noise reducing headset.

Castle Audiometric Booth

Please Note: Because of the size and weight of this product we will need to quote shipping costs separately once we know the delivery address. This is the Castle Audiometric Booth, this booth offers the very best performance along with the highest level of practicality and it complies fully with ISO 6189. Manoeuvrability is key which is why this booth is mounted on casters and has been designed to fit through any standard door. The room comes fully equipped with a ventilation system, lighting, a seat, a shelf and a jack panel, minutes after delivery this unit can be ready for operation. The booth has been made with a plain galvanised steel exterior and has perforated galvanised interior surfaces. In the floor, walls, door and roof panels is an acoustic infill which makes it sound retardant, absorbing, inert, mildew resistant and vermin proof. The foam backed carpet that lines the floor is trimmed with cove moulding. All the required cables are supplied with this audiometric booth and it can be delivered in fully constructed form or in a flat-pack form for self-assembly. The clear opening of 604mm and 1680mm is supported on two heavy duty hinges which are integrally mounted within the door and panel frame. Self-aligning magnetic compression seals are mounted on the top, bottom and sides of the door leaf for safety and effective acoustic control. The window is a double glazed unit which consists of 6mm safety glass fitted into a UPVC frame. A fitted 13A plug is included with the booth. The lighting and ventilation are both on a common switch which operates a 30W tungsten lamp and an all in one silenced forced ventilation system. As standard two 6mm 2 pole sockets, a standard pre-wired mounted jack panel which consists of 3 6mm 3 pole sockets plus an intercom are fitted. If requested optional jack panels can be provided.

Technical Specification

USB300 USB Audiometer

Frequencies (Hz)
Air conduction (dB)

PrinterOption of Printer from PC
Power SupplyVia USB-Port in PC
Dimensions150 x 140 x 110 mm
Frequencies: 11 fixed frequencies from 125 Hz to 8000 Hz Hearing Level Range: -10 dB to 110 dB in 5 dB increments Program:
  • Manual or automatic test
  • Pulse Tone
  • Option of having 1, 2 or 4 audiograms shown at one time
  • All data is stored on your PC
  • Tone middle value is calculated (500 – 1000 & 2000 Hz)
  • Treble middle values is calculated (3000 – 4000 & 6000 Hz)
  • A range of useful setup features
Set Up functions: Entering set-up you may adapt the performance of the USB audiometer to your individual need, and the software will remember your settings until you decide to make more changes or revert to default. The option of calculation has full flexibility making your USB audiometer suitable for any use you may think of within audiometry. Special features: Cursor control - Individual settings of your operation keys - Option of using operating-pen for touch-screen
  • Option of selecting/deselecting frequencies
  • Tone length: 0.5—2.5 seconds (selectable
  • Manual test: Selectable start level for frequency
  • Manual test: Selectable start level for tone
  • Automatic test: Selectable start level for tone
  • Automatic test: Selectable stop level for tone
  • Automatic test:: Selectable random response time (2-6 sec.)
  • Automatic 20dB test
  • Automatic 20 dB random test
  • Automatic Hughson Westlake test

Castle Audiometric Booth

Noise Reduction performance:
Octave Band Frequency (Hz)Noise Reduction (dB)
Dimensions Outside: 710 mm wide x 981 mm deep x 1943 mm high Inside: 604 mm wide x 860 mm deep x 1680 mm high Weight: 295Kg Shipping Weight: 322Kg

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