Hearing Test Equipment

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  1. Audiometric Booth from Castle

    Castle Audiometric Booth


    This is the Castle Audiometric Booth which offers the very best performance along with the highest level of practicality and it complies fully with ISO 6189. It is mounted on castors to allow for manoeuvrability and has been designed to fit through any standard door. A ventilation system, lighting, a seat, a shelf and a jack panel are what the room comes fully equipped with and can be ready for use in a matter of minutes after delivery. Learn More
  2. Castle Audiometric Testing System

    Castle Audiometric Testing System


    This Audiometric Testing System is ideal for testing staff or patients to determine their hearing standards. Simply place the subject inside the sound-attenuating booth cutting out background noise, this creates the ideal environment to conduct a hearing analysis. Once the conditions have been set and the subject is in the booth you can use the audiometer included in this package to conduct the analysis, the examiner is even able to see the subject through the window in the booth. These products go together hand in hand, we even include the necessary cables. Learn More
  3. Osicus Solo Audiometer

    Osicus Solo Audiometer


    Designed to be a lightweight, small but robust instrument, ideal for Occupational Health Nurses or Technicians on the move, it provides the testing capability required for workplace industrial screening. The recorded files are generated in the same file format as the ASRA Classic and ASRA Curve audiometers and as such can be interchanged for storage and/or comparison purposes. Learn More
  4. Amplivox 170

    Amplivox 170


    This fully portable, low-cost audiometer is perfect for both automatic and manual test types. The Amplivox 170 works with Audibase PC software allowing electronic record storage and audiogram categorization. You could alternatively use a portable printer to get your results in paper format. Learn More
  5. Amplivox 116

    Amplivox 116


    This innovative audiometer works with manual screening and combines functionality with style. The Amplivox 116 is ideal for manually screening in primary care, schools and industry. Its comprehensive air conduction threshold facility is a great value as the device is very affordable. Learn More
  6. Amplivox Otosure Audiometer

    Amplivox Otosure Audiometer


    This is the Amplivox Otosure Audiometer, a PC-based automatic audiometer that provides a pro-active and portable solution to satisfy all of your audiometric screening requirements. The Amplivox Otosure's lightweight and pocket-sized design means it's ideal for mobile requirements.

    Learn More
  7. Amplivox Acoustic Booth 350S

    Amplivox Acoustic Booth 350S


    This is the Amplivox Acoustic Booth 350S which is spacious and perfect for conducting accurate occupational hearing tests in a controlled environment. This Booth will require on site installation but can be sure to provide a high quality service. This model is more spacious than the 250S providing more room for the individual being tested. Learn More
  8. Amplivox Acoustic Booth 250S

    Amplivox Acoustic Booth 250S


    This is the Amplivox Acoustic Booth 250S. It is fully equipped with castors for ease of movement as well as being supplied with an audiometer shelf and integral jack panel. The booth can be supplied fully assembled or in kit form. The external dimensions are 710x981x1943mm and it weighs 295kg. It is very practical and cost effective. Learn More
  9. Amplivox PC850

    Amplivox PC850


    This portable audiometer is PC based and measures and categorises the results automatically. This device is ideal for mass screening programmes and can be used for statistical and trending analysis. Learn More
  10. Amplivox ER75 Ear Simulator

    Amplivox ER75 Ear Simulator


    This automatic validation instrument is used for air conduction (AC) screening as well as acoustic booths. Learn More
  11. Otoscope Opticlar P3

    Opticlar P3 LED Pocket Otoscope


    The Opticlar P3 Otoscope comes with a built in LED light source that is better than the standard halogen and xenon alternatives. This otoscope is capable of taking simple but effective check ups and has a range of extensive features. Learn More

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Hearing Test Equipment

Audiometry equipment for carrying out employee hearing tests

The protection and conservation of employee hearing levels is hugely important for managers and directors, especially with the threat of industrial deafness claims on the rise.

This means that, more than ever before, health surveillance hearing tests should be carried out for employees who are subject to noise in the workplace.