Spiro USB Spirometer

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The Spiro USB is a powerful and portable Spirometer capable of performing highly competent spirometry testing that the specialists have come to expect.

Plug the Spiro USB directly into the USB port of any PC, Laptop or Notebook for simple, fast and professional measurements which provides instant results.


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SpiroUSB Spirometer
SpiroUSB Spirometer SpiroUSB Spirometer Spida 5 Software

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Spiro USB Spirometer

Designed for the professional, the Spiro USB features the Micro Medical quality that specialists have come to expect. The instrument is very fast, yet simple to use, allowing instant recognition of the transducer to automatically open and run the accompanying software.

The Spiro USB comes supplied with software; A user-friendly multi-window interface, and up to 41 spirometric indices can be measured. Both Open and Closed loop test techniques can be used and graphical child incentives are included. The long term trending of patient results, lung age calculation, and textual result interpretation are also featured.

SpiroUSB Spirometer Features

  • Modem USB interface
  • Spida 5 software included
  • Plug and use device
  • Up to 41 Spirometry indices measured
  • No batteries required
  • Optional SpidaXpert interpretation and diagnostic module
  • Animated child incentive device
  • Configurable printout format
  • Full test quality control messages with on-line tutoring and ATS quality checks
  • Textual interpretation
  • Optional transducer stand

Spida 5 Software Features

  • Multi-window layout is extremely easy and fast to use
  • Animated child incentive display
  • Real-time Flow/Volume and Volume/Time traces
  • Open and closed Flow/Volume loop test technique is possible
  • verlaying of previous test curves for comparison
  • Long term trending facility
  • Lung age calculation and textual interpretation
  • Powerful search capability
  • Up to 41 spirometry parameters can be measured
  • Can be easily linked to other patient journal or GP administration systems, occupational health systems or other medical databases
  • Configurable printout format
  • Optional SpidaXpert Interpretation and diagnostics module.

Technical Specification

Accuracy ± : 3% To ATS recommendations – Standardisation of spirometry 1994 update for flows and volumes Measurements: VC, EVC, IVC, FEV0·75, FEV1, FEV3, FEV6, FVC, PEF, FEV0·75/VC, FEV0·75/FVC, FEV1/VC, FEV1%, FEV3/VC, FEV3/FVC, FEV0·75/FEV6, FEV1/FEV6, MEF75, MEF50, MEF25, MMEF, MEF50/VC, MEF50/FVC, MVV, FIVI, FIVC, PIF, FIVI%, MIF25, MIF50, MIF75, R50, MET, FET, TV, ERV, IRV, IC, FRC, RV, TLC, FRC/TLC, RV/TLC, LUNG AGE, Dyspnoea Score. [all expiratory measurements with baseline, post bronchodilator 1 and 2, % predicted, % change and normal range]

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SpiroUSB Spirometer

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