TPI 9034 & 9038 Smart Vibration Monitor

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The TPI 9034 Four-Channel Smart Vibration Monitor is a cost effective, multi-function vibration monitor. The 9034 can use measurements from up to four accelerometer channels and has inputs for a tachometer and thermometer. USB and ethernet ports also feature on this smart device. Upgrade to the TPI 9038 giving you up to 8 accelerometer channels.

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TPI 9034/9038 Smart Vibration Monitor
TPI 9034/9038 Smart Vibration Monitor TPI 9034/9038 Smart Vibration Monitor

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Brand TPI
Measurement Diagnostic Vibration
Available Outside the UK? Yes

TPI 9034/9038 Smart Vibration Monitor

The TPI 9034 & 9038 Smart Vibration Monitor from TPI is the latest cost effective, high performance installed vibration analysers. Giving you up to 8 accelerometer inputs, 8 digital outputs, 8 analogue outputs, temperature and tacho inputs as well as USB and Ethernet connectivity the Smart Vibration Monitor 9034 and Smart Vibration Monitor 9038 modules offer unrivaled price/per channel performance.

The analysers can be used in several different ways:

  • Standalone Operation: Connect up to 8 accelerometers and up to 8 relays and instantaneously monitor and alarm on-key vibration points. Using the included Smart Vibration Monitor PC software the alarms can each independently be set to trigger on/either a velocity level or a g level. If a tacho is connected, a speed range can be set so as not to activate during machine start-up or shut-down.
  • Legacy Systems Operation: for each connected accelerometer, the Smart Vibration Monitor units can also output levels of vibration (g or velocity) as 4 to 20mA signals for connection to existing monitoring systems such as PLCs, etc.
  • PC Operation: If a laptop/PC is connected via a USB cable, up to 64 modules can be monitored and the vibration levels displayed on screen. With the PC connected more detailed vibration analysis can be carried out with up to 51,200 line FFT analysis.
  • Online Cloud Operation: by subscribing to TPI’s Data Decypher cloud-based service all installed modules can be monitored and analysed from a single web-based interface. Just log on via your standard internet browser and all modules can be viewed and configured. Furthermore, detailed reporting is just a click away, as is automatic alarm notification via email.


  • 4 accelerometer channel & 8 accelerometer channel versions
  • 24VDC (relay drive) switched output for each channel (warning/critical, g or velocity)
  • 4 to 20mA output for each channel (g or velocity)
  • Temperature input
  • Tacho Input
  • USB for connection to Smart Vibration Monitor PC software
  • Ethernet socket for connection to Online Vibration analysis software


  • Extremely cost effective – lowest cost/channel industrial vibration monitor/analyser
  • Very easy to set up using Smart Vibration Monitor PC software
  • 24/7 monitoring of critical plant operations

Technical Specification

 Model 9034 & 9038 Specifications
  9034   9038
IEPE Accelerometer Input Channels 4 8
Accelerometer Sampling Frequency 2Hz - 25.6kHz
4-20mA Output Channels 4 8
24VDC Digital Outputs 4 8
24VDC Dig. Output Current Max 100mA
Digital Output Alarm Acceleration or Velocity (Channel Selectable)
Tachometer Input 1 (0V to any voltage upto +24VDC)
Frequency Dependent Alarms Yes (using Tachometer)
Temperature Input 1 (Typically 10mV/°C)
PC Connection USB
Internet/Cloud Connection Ethernet
 PC Software
Vibration Alarms 4 Vibration 8
Temperature Alarm 1 Temperature 1
Alarm Choice Acceleration AND/OR Velocity (channel selectable)
FFT Up to 51,200 lines
Time Waveform Yes
Supply Voltage USB or 24VDC
Supply Current 500mA
Environmental IP50
Operating Temperature °C 0-55°C (32-151°F)
Storage Temperature °C 0-55°C (32-151°F)
Mounting DIN Rail
Part Number 9034 9038

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