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Omega Mini K Type Plug

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OMEGA SMPW thermocouple connectors are 2 pin flat mini size TC connectors designed to connect temperature sensor instrumentation with a temperature controller or process control HMI automation panel. Compatible with any other 2 pin mini size TC connector, 2 pole male thermocouple spade plug or female 2 prong thermocouple jack.  

Omega Mini K Type Plug

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Brand Castle Group
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Omega Mini K Type Plug

Thermocouple Connector spade Plug and Jack with Color Codes per ANSI, ASTM and IEC with the thermocouple compensating alloy used are Type K (–AL +CH) Yellow, Type J(–CO +IR)Black, Type T (–CO +CP) Blue, Type E (–CO +CH) Purple, Type N (-NN +NP) Orange, Type R/S (-11 +CP) Green, Type C (-CNX +CPX) Red and uncompensated Type U (–CP +CP) White thermocouple connectors. This Ultimate Thermocouple Connector design SMPW-CC is ideal for fast and easy connection of TC cable or thermocouple wire via a TC cable clamp assembly. The cap/clamp contains the 4 captive screws and eliminates the small loose screws typical with the traditional metal thermocouple cable clamp. Included are a metal clamp plate, strain relief and grommets To greatly reduce assembly time use part # SMP-CC-TOOL assembly tool holding fixture with the SMPW-CC connector and integral cable clamp. This combination results in fast reliable TC connection.


  • Ultimate Thermocouple Connector Plug or Jack
  • Integral Cap, Strain Relief + Cable Clamp
  • New Labor Saving Wire Assembly
  • Fast + Easy Wire Termination
  • Accepts Wide Range of Wire Sizes
  • Contact Washers for Quick Connect Wire Termination
  • Write-On Window for Sensor ID
  • Captive Screws Combination Phillips/Slot
  • ANSI or IEC color codes available

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