WP50 Probe: 10Hz - 3kHz

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This is the WP50 Probe for use with the WaveControl SMP2 EMF Meter.

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WP50 Probe 10Hz 3kHz
WP50 10Hz 3kHz WP50 Probe 10Hz 3kHz Wavecontrol WP50 Probe 10Hz 3kHz WP50 Probe 10Hz 3kHz WP50 Probe 10Hz 3kHz WP50 Probe 10Hz 3kHz

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Product Specification unless deselected above

Brand Wavecontrol
Frequency Range 1Hz - 400kHz
Probe Size 270mm x 115mm
Sensor Type Isotropic, RMS Diode Technology
Measurement Field (E) Electric Field, (H) Magnetic Field
Available Outside the UK? Yes

WP50 Probe: 10Hz - 3kHz

This is the WP50 Probe for use with the WaveControl SMP2 EMF Meter.

The WP50 Probe is designed for use with:

Power Grids: Spot measurements of E and H at transformer stations and high-voltage lines. Railways: Measurements of E and H fields generated in trains or near railway facilities Industry: Measurements in manufacturing facilities with strong electromagnetic fields to ensure worker's safety

Electric & Magnetic Field Measurements Isotropic & True RMS Measurements Probe weighted dependant on the selected limit Measurements in Accordance with IEC 62110 and IEC 61786

Technical Specification

Frequency Range 10Hz – 3kHz
Sensor Type Isotropic
Combined Measurement of Electric and Magnetic Field
Linearity ± 1% (typ.) (1% - 100% of standard)
± 2% (max.)
Isotopic Response ± 5% (typ.)
Calibration ISO 17025 Accredited Calibration (ILAC)
Calibration Period 24 months (recommended)
Operating Temperature -15 ºC to 50 ºC
Dimensions 270mm x 115m Ø
Weight 210g
Field Sensor Area 100cm²
Measurement Range Weighted mode (ICNIRP 2010) =
E-field: 0.025% - 200% of limit (RMS value)
H-field: 0.025% - 200% of limit (RMS value)

Field Strength Mode =
E field: 2.5 V/m - 20000 V/m (RMS)
H field: 0.25 µT - 2000 µT (RMS)
Exposure Limits (Probe in Weighted Mode) Public and occupational ICNIRP 2010
Customizable to other standards
Type of Frequency Response 1) Weighted (Results displayed in % of the selected standard)
2) Flat response (Results in V/m, µT, etc. )
Sensitivity Weighted (E,H) 0.025%
Flat response E field 2.5 V/m
Flat response H field 0.25 µT
Frequency Response ± 20% (typ.) of standard
(25 Hz - 1 kHz)
± 25% (max.)

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