Vibration Tool Timers

Vibration Tool Timers to Monitor Worker Exposure Times

Tool Timers are used by tool operators to accurately monitor their exposure time to hand and arm vibrations

Occupational exposure to hazardous levels of hand arm vibration and whole-body vibration is associated with a range of adverse health outcomes, affecting workers today and long into retirement. Costs are significant to employers and workers alike. Organisations are known to have paid out in excess of £1m in single settlements.

Popular Vibration Exposure Timers

HAVS Case Studies

Case studies of organisations that have issues with HAVS are available on the HSE website, which may help you understand the issue further.

All of the instrumentation in this category will accurately measure the true trigger time (exposure time) of an employee to hand arm vibrations. Instruments such as the HAVi and the HAVmeter will also calculate your exposure into the HSE's point system, as long as you can input the Vibration Magnitude of each tool. This will be the base of a very strong Hand Arm Vibration monitoring procedure in your organisation, which the HSE will be very pleased with.

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