Svan 979 Sound Analyser System

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Quality and reliability come together to create the ideal kit for both industrial and environmental noise measurement and monitoring with the SVAN979 1/1 and 1/3 Octave Noise meter.

Svan 979 Sound Analyser System
SVAN 979 Svan 979 Sound Analyser System Svan 979 Sound Analyser System Svan 979 Sound Analyser System Svan 979 Sound Analyser System

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Brand Svantek
Application Environmental Noise, Noise at Work
Noise Features 1/1 Octaves, 1/3 Octaves, Data Logging
Weightings A, C, Z
Measurement Parameters Leq
Available Outside the UK? No

Svan 979 Sound Analyser System

The Real Time 1/3 Octave Noise Meter System has the power to cover all precision noise measurement requirements. The SVAN979 is the multi-function variant of the Svan noise meter range, including all parameters for industrial and environmental monitoring with single and third octave settings and time domain signal recording.

The SVAN979 has been designed to be both functional and easy to operate and can handle all the sound parameters you should require and with the dBdataPro Noise Analysis Software downloaded the data to a PC for further analysis this kit is ideal for anyone serious about noise measurement.

Please Note - This product is available in the UK only

What's in the Box

This Kit Includes:
  • SVAN979 - Type 1 Noise Analyser with 1/1 and 1/3 Octave and Time Domain Signal Recording
  • GA607 - Calibrator, Dual Level, Class 1 (includes GA690 Barometer)
  • SVANPC++ Download Software and Cable
  • KA016S - Kit Case for SVAN meters and Accessories

Downloads and Datasheets


About SvanPC++

This piece of advanced software supports Svantek measuring instruments. Each Svantek device is is easy to use and a complete measuring systems because of the functionalities and extended capabilities in this advanced application. The software has been divided for several specialised modules by distinguishing application fields in order to give users the perfectly customised, powerful and sophisticated tool. The functions provided by the main module include measurement data downloading from instruments to PC, measurement setups creating, basic Leq/RMS recalculation, measurement results in text, tabular and graphical format, export data to spread sheets or text editor applications.

Features include:

  • Being able to easily download data of measurements to a PC
  • Total Leq/ RMS recalculation
  • Quick reporting tool
  • A variety of presentation results including text, table and graphical format 
  • Advanced customisation of each view
  • Creation of measurement setups  
  • Merging of measurement files.

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