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The HAVi

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The HAVi have long been one of the leading names in vibration exposure monitoring, and you wouldn't be surprised to see their famous HAVi orange Hand Arm Vibration Indicators attached to the tools of sites around the UK and overseas.

Over the last 10 years HAVi have emerged as one of the market leading suppliers of vibration monitoring equipment. 

HAVi Vibration Indicator

The HAVi continues to be the most popular method of monitoring exposure to vibration, likely due to it's simplicity to implement. It is equally effective within small, single site operations as it is in organisations with multiple sites and hundreds of employees.

The value for investment remarkably high, with a standard HAVi Vibration Indicator starting at £59.95. This includes everything you need to attach the device to your vibrating power tools and start your vibration exposure assessments.

The HAVi then not only counts exposure time, but when you input the vibration magnitude level of the tool being operated, it will also calculate and display exposure points in real time to display to the operator. Learn more about how it works by watching a short video.

HAVi Watch

New for 2017 is HAVi Watch, the next step towards fully automated exposure data recording. HAVi Watch creates a link between your data and software, uploading wirelessly ready for you to analyse the data from your employees.

The basis for the development of the HAVi Watch was to make everybody's job easier and more straightforward. Vibration risk management is made simple for tool operators, supervisors and management.

The HAVi watch links to HAVi Plus Indicator to continuously record the operators real-time exposure. In addition, the Watch records this exposure over multiple tool use, and also displays this in Exposure Points. Take your vibration exposure system to the next level with the data logging, comprehensive solution - the HAVi Watch. 

HAVi Watch Working

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