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Your Industry-Leading Environmental Measurement and Monitoring Technology Team

At Castle Group, we're passionate about measurement and monitoring technology, so whatever your assessment needs, we will more than likely have the equipment to help you. Whether you are carrying out environmental assessments, health and safety monitoring or machinery condition and maintenance checks, you find the solution with us.

Built on Experience and Confidence

For more than 50 years, Castle Group has worked to remain at the forefront of environmental measurement and monitoring technology. We support our clients in meeting all regulatory and compliance requirements while also ensuring they have the most comprehensive data they need to make confident decisions.

Our heritage in design and manufacturing has helped us create Castle's innovative, user-driven products. This extends into our offer of industry-leading brands, which allows us to offer you a comprehensive range of equipment for a huge variety of applications.

Whether you are measuring light, air-flow, temperature, humidity, noise, air quality, weight, vibration, electrical parameters, electromagnetic fields or even distance and time, you'll find a wide selection of solutions here.

Full Solutions

Find the Environmental Testing Equipment You Need

Castle Group offers a wide range of environmental measuring and monitoring products and services. That includes:

  • Environmental & Occupational noise and vibration
  • Electromagnetic fields assessment
  • Air quality and air flow
  • Gas detection
  • Full-service solutions for monitoring temperature, light, and humidity
  • Weighing scales
  • Inspection and test equipment

Each of our products is designed to meet the highest standards and produce exceptional results. We strive to ensure we remain up to date on our client's specific needs.

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Meeting Compliance in Every Level

Our environmental monitoring equipment is designed for all aspects of health and safety and environmental compliance as well as machinery condition monitoring. For many organisations, ongoing changes to compliance in health and safety or environmental matters can be challenging. Having a solution that simplifies methods and provides exceptional results is a must.

Castle Group, we provide the environmental monitoring equipment you need to resolve even the biggest concerns. This could be our thermal imaging camera, a light meter, or a remote noise analyser, for example. No matter what concerns you have or what depth of information you need, we can offer help. We offer inspection and testing solutions, technical safety features, health surveillance equipment, and much more.

For those looking to undertake assessments themselves, we can offer the necessary training for Noise, Vibration, Air Sampling, EMF measures, and health surveillance. Connect with our team to find out what specific strategies and support we can offer for your individual needs.

Expect Exceptional Support from a Team You Can Rely On

Castle Group Ltd is committed to providing innovative solutions for clients. Since our inception in 1971, we have been the innovating leader in the Noise and Vibration monitoring industry. Our goal is always to continuously develop the leading-edge equipment our clients need while providing the best features and results to the market.

With a guarantee of exceptional products and services, the very best in service, and resources to help manage virtually any concern, Castle Group is the supportive partner you need to get business done.

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