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UK's Largest Selection of Sound Level Meters - Buy Online

With over 40 years of Sound Measurement experience, here at Castle we are proud to be able to say we are the experts in sound. We provide thousands of sound meters for a vast range of applications in just about every different market sector you could think of. If you need to measure any form of sound, we can help you.

Are you stuck on the terminology? Check out our Glossary of Terms for Acoustics for some quick help.

Different Types of Sound Level Meters

The majority of sound and noise level meters fall into one of three categories. These are Class 1, Class 2 and Sound Level Indicators. Class 1 and 2 Sound Meters are required to meet the full specifications of IEC 61672:2013, meaning they are suitable for performing measurements for Noise at Work

Class 1 Sound Level Meters

  • Class 1 offers greater accuracy which is especially important for any legal proceedings
  • A Class 1 Sound Level Meter is required for Environmental Noise Assessments

Class 2 Sound Level Meters

  • Compliant to IEC 61672:2013
  • Class 2 Sound Level Meters are the lowest class that can be used for Noise at Work Assessments
  • Generally come with analysis software

Sound Level Indicators

  • Generally low cost, suitable for spot checks and general noise level indication
  • Indicators typically don't measure Leq, which is measurement parameter that's necessary for performing measurements for multiple applications.

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