Blackline Safety G7

Blackline Safety G7 - Fully Connected Safety

Connect your most vulnerable workers to real people - wherever they are - with revolutionary real time gas detection & lone worker monitoring with the Blackline G7

The biggest shortcoming of traditional personal gas detection is connectivity, they are like smoke alarms, calling for help with lights and sirens. G7 bridges this gap with always connected mobile communication, keeping a permanently watchful eye on employee safety.

The Blackline G7c is now intrinsically safe, click to view certificate.

Monitor All Your Workers With Your Own Blackline Live Web-Based Portal

Quickly locate and respond to workers in distress through your own secure, personal and customisable web-based portal.

  • View Real Time Gas Readings on Licensed Google Map
  • Locate Workers in Real Time
  • Manage any and all Alerts
  • Communicate with your Workers
  • Send Mass Notifications
  • Trigger Site Evacuations

Work anywhere with Blackline Live and Blackline G7

Be in control with your own secure, customisable and easy to use portal - Blackline Live. Accessing Blackline Live is as easy as logging into your online banking. G7 and our web based safety platform fit like a glove - completely configurable for easy, infrastructure-free deployment. The safety status of every employee is visible on screen, and when things go wrong, world-leading tools and technology are in place to professionally manage the incident. Everything from alert management and real-time gas readings are viewed and controlled from your own Blackline Live portal. Customise your own emergency response protocol, managing call, text and email notifications and the response paths to emergency contacts. Or, optionally, employ our Alarm Receiving Centre to manage all of your alerts for you.

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Blackline Safety G7 Features List