Sonus Noise Monitoring System for Boundary Assessments

Castle Group
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The Castle Boundary Assessment Monitoring System compiles everything you need to carry out short-term and long-term Boundary Assessment measurements. Whether you're measuring for Environmental Noise Surveys, or taking short/medium term measurements, the Castle Sonus Boundary Assessment System provides all that's necessary at a very competitive price.

As standard the System comes with a 140 hour battery, with an additional option of an external power source, the Castle Weatherproof Power Source. which enables over 40 days of running time for those long-term monitoring requirements.

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Measurement Parameters Leq
Class Class 1
Weightings A, C
Application Environmental Noise
Noise Features Weatherproof, Data Logging
Brand Castle Group
Available Outside the UK? Yes

Noise Monitoring System for Boundary Assessments

Due to the fragility of microphones, outdoor noise measurements can be difficult and often impractical in adverse weather conditions. Castle have developed this outdoor Noise Noise Logging System as an ideal solution to anyone who needs a powerful yet small Environmental Sound Meter System capable of being used both indoors and outdoors.


  • Over 170 hours run time and 15 hour charge time for internal batteries
  • Available for Sonus E and L models of Sound Level Meters
  • Tough, weatherproof case withstanding 900Kg loads
  • External weatherproof connectors
  • 'Hot-swap' for battery replacement in the field without turning off the sound meter
  • Powerful noise analysis software included
  • Security kit available

The Sonus Sound Level Meter has proved itself to be a powerful meter and with the weatherproof sound meter enclosure and microphone housing it is now possible to make environmental noise assessments in an affordable system. At less than 5Kg it is also one of the world's lightest and portable environmental noise meter systems. The Sonus Boundary Assessment System has been designed to work with the Sonus range of sound meters, especially the full logging GA116L meter and the environmental model, the GA116E. The environmental noise meter system is most suited to Construction Measurements but can also do boundary noise measurements, night time noise levels, noisy neighbour assessments and other general consultancy work. The environmental noise meter system operated from an internal battery and can last for up to 170 hours continuous measurement and it's possible to hot swap the battery without stopping the measurements. The noise meter and battery reside in the case while weatherproof connectors on the outside connect to the microphone and signal-out. The microphone is housed in a specially developed housing designed to protect the microphone from the elements. The kit is completed with a dual level acoustic calibrator to ensure your meter is operating correctly and our powerful dBdataPro Noise Analysis Software so you can download the data from the meter.

Kit options:

  • GA116L Safety and Environmental Data Logging Sound Meter
  • or
  • GA116E Dedicated Environmental Data Logging Sound Meter
Battery Life Approximately 170 Hours Continuous With Full Charge
Approximate Weights 12V 7Ah Battery: 2.5 Kg
KA020 Empty Case: 2.5 Kg
KA020 Combined Overall: 5 Kg
Ambient Operating Conditions Temperature: -10°C to +50°C
Relative Humidity: 30 to 90%

What's in the Box

Kit includes:

  • Choice of GA116E or GA116L Sonus
  • GA611 - Class 1 Tri-level Acoustic Calibrator
  • KA020 - Weatherproof Case for Sonus sound meters
  • KA027LABATT - Lead Acid Battery 12V 12Ah
  • ZL2094-03 - 3m weatherproof cable for KA020 and Sonus sound meters
  • MW402A - Weatherproof Microphone Housing for Sonus range
  • EBOXMOUNT - Integrated Microphone Mounting kit
  • PC007 - dBdataPro Noise Analysis Software
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