SoundEar 3 Advanced Noise Warning Sign

Castle Group
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The SoundEar 3 is the top of the noise warning sign range, adding many useful features to those offered in the SoundEar II. This version of the SoundEar is ideal for carrying out long term noise checks but also giving an instant and clear warning of high noise levels.

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Application Noise Level Indicators
Available Outside the UK? Yes
Brand Castle Group
Boxed Weight (kg) 1.5


The SoundEar 3 is designed for noise warning and long term monitoring in environments where the appearance of the device is important. This version of the sign is particularly suited to low noise environments, although the range covers almost any application.

Hospitals and Neonatal

Mounted on the wall in rooms and corridors, the SoundEar 3 gives a clear reminder for staff and visitors to keep the noise levels down. This version of the SoundEar is particularly suited to the hospital environment as it can be set to function differently during the day and during the night. For night time the trigger levels can be lower and the lights less obtrusive. See the Displays page for more information.

With the noise levels stored and downloaded to the software, you can carry out long term monitoring to assess the success of a noise control program and to identify the noisy times of day.

Data storage and software are included with the standard SoundEar 3.

Libraries, Schools and other Quiet Zones

The SoundEar 3 gives a clear reminder to everybody that noise levels should be kept down. The SoundEar 3 operates down to 30 dB, making it ideal for such low noise environments.

Offices and Open Plan Workplace

Noise in the office, especially in open plan layouts, can be a sensitive issue - the person making the noise is upsetting the work of others, but may not be aware of the issue and be embarrassed by being asked to quieten down. The SoundEar gives a clear indication that the noise levels are high without the subjective nature of the human ear.

The sign is just a reminder that too much noise is being made and with the data logging facility (included) you can monitor the long term noise environment.

Entertainment Noise

High noise levels in pubs, clubs and other entertainment venues cause a health risk for staff and the risk of complaints from local residents. The SoundEar 3 can be used to warn when quieter areas get too loud (risk of hearing damage for staff) and can also warn whoever controls the music that the general sound levels are too high, risking complaint.

Frequency Range: 20Hz to 20kHz

Measuring Range: 30 to 120 dB

Deviation: ± 0.5 dB

Frequency Weighting: "A" ("C" weighted Peak)

Time Weighting: Fast and Slow

Digital Display: dB(A) Slow, LAeq15, Alarm settings, Clock

Outputs: "A" weighted, 0-10V or 4-20mA

USB Ports: 1. Micro USB (power and PC connection)
                    2. USB Controller (for USB memory stick connection)

Internal Memory: 16MB (128MBit) - 600 days depending on settings

Cabinet: Shockproof acrylic

Dimensions: 265 x 205 x 46 mm, 10.4" x 8" x 1.8"

Weight: 1.5 kg, 3.3 lb

Power5 VDC (micro USB) or 24 VDC (screw terminal)
Max 2.5W

Acoustic Standards: IEC61672-2-2002 Class 2, ANSI S1.4 Type 2

Medical Standards
with P-SE3-MED adapter: 60601-1: Medical electrical equipment
                                              Part 1: General requirements for basic safety and essential performance.
                                              60601-1-2: Medical electrical equipment
                                              Part 1-2: General requirements for basic safety and essential performance.

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