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Brand Castle Group
Available Outside the UK? Yes

Health and Safety Environmental Management Maintenance Monitoring

If you sign up to the Castle Cloud today you will get full access to:

  • Assessment Calculators
  • Helpful Guidebooks
  • Tutorial and Training Videos
  • Instrument Register

for Noise, Vibration and Air Sampling. It is the easiest way to manage your data wherever you are:

  • Powerful Database System
  • Customised Reporting
  • Free "Calculators"
  • Free Guides and Help Videos
  • Secure data with automatic secure back up
  • No Software Installation Required
  • Free Instrument Register

The database system on which the Castle Cloud is based allows you to analyse and interpret data based on which employees it affects, where it was taken, which tasks were assessed and who assessed them.

The Castle Cloud - How It Works

The Castle Cloud makes your work life easier than ever. No more messing with cables to upload data, no more waiting until you’re back at the office to access your files. With dB Air it’s easy, simply upload from the unit to the cloud or your desktop and your data will be there for review from any machine.


With personal log in Information, your date is securely accessed from any web browse on any devoce, enabling you to instantly analyse and interpret your data and seamlessly produce clear & attractive reports.


Revolutionising the way safety monitoring is approached, the diElAir has been designed to make your job as simple and as effortless as possible. Forget the search for the right cable, at the push of a button the dEiAir wirelessly, quickly and securely sends all of your data to your account in The Castle Cloud.


We securely store all your data in the Cloud, you never need to worry about losing data. Safeguard your confidentiality with secured data, privately managed by your organisation.


As soon as you log Into your Castle Cloud account, your data will be waiting for you primed for analysis and report creating, No Software Installation Required at all!


Set Administration Levels for different staff, ensuring the safety of your data whilst ensuring you get the most out of your results.


Cloud software isn't just the future, it's the present. Multinational organisations such as BM. Apple. Amazon and Microsoft have trail-blazed the technology—and the rest of the world is following. Everyday items including mobile phones use Cloud technology to achieve the powerful performances that we all demand. Castle Cloud is compatible with most industrial measuring and monitoring equipment, including:

  • Noise Meters
  • Air Sampling
  • EMF Meters
  • Vibration Meters
  • Light Meters
  • Gas Detection Meters
  • and more...

You can make your free account today at

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