Vib@Work Whole Body Vibration System

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Vib@Work Seat (formerly “Evec”) is a dosimeter for measuring vibrations transmitted to the whole body. It allows for the measurement of the vibration levels experienced by seated operators in accordance with European Directive 2002/44/EC. The sensor is a semi-rigid interface to be placed on the driver’s seat.

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Measurement Whole Body Vibration
Brand Vib@work
Available Outside the UK? Yes

This innovative measurement system allows for vibration measurements to be taken of whole-body vibration exposure according to ISO 2631. Its autonomous sensors that do not need to be wired during measurements and automated artefact detection provide for a user-friendly implementation and use (can be used by non-experts).

Stored data is downloaded from the sensor(s) at the end of the working period to a smartphone or a PC using a Bluetooth connection.

The software allows for the automatic computation and display of workers’ exposure to whole-body vibrations and indicates how such exposure compares with the limit and action values defined in the vibration Directive.

Vib@Work Benefits

  • Easy-to-operate
  • Short training period
  • Automatic identification and elimination of undesired effects
  • Automatic calculation of exposure time (ET) and daily exposure A(8)
  • Direct access to measurement results through PDA or notebook / PC (PDA not included)
  • Excellent price-performance ratio

Vib@Work Performance Hardware

  • Evec seat pad according to ISO 10326 (in black) with integrated triaxial acceleration sensor
  • Microcontroller for evaluating acceleration signals according to ISO 2631
  • Algorithm for identifying and eliminating undesired effects
  • Driver-seat contact sensor
  • Wireless communication between sensor and PDA or Notebook/PC

Evec Sensor Software (included)

        This software allows users:

  • To select the required measurement configuration (seated operator exposure,
    standing operator exposure etc.)
  • To switch ON the sensor(s) according to the selected measurement
  • To access – through a wireless connection – measurements made by the sensor(s).
  • To automatically and easily calculate and display the final results of the vibration measurements
    (such as daily vibration exposure A(8) etc.).

WB Viewer Analysis Software (option)

        This software allows users:

  • To display time histories of acceleration levels acquired with Vib@Work sensors during vibration exposure measurements
  • To interact with the acceleration graph to edit ranges, zoom, pan
  • To define exclusion ranges, besides the ones that are automatically created by the sensors and activate or deactivate them in order to compute their impact on daily vibration exposures
  • To define groups of exclusions, which allows all exclusions in a group to be simultaneously activated or deactivated
  • To highlight peaks in acceleration measurements
  • To annotate measurement ranges of interest
  • To import voice records (which have been taken during the vibration measurements) where you can play them and hence determine the impact of particular driving or operating events on vibration measurement results
  • To simulate different utilization times of the vehicle or machine
  • To export results in 3 different formats (evc, spreadsheet, text)
  • To copy graphs and measurement results to the clipboard and paste them into a work processor for reporting purposes


The Vib@Work system is suitable for a very great number of applications. Every sedentary occupation involving the protection of working humans from undesired vibration requires the use of the Vib@Work system. The system provides the ideal solution for measuring whole-body-vibration, whether relating to fork-lift truck drivers, long-haul truck drivers or horseback riders.

Mobility without limits evec seat pads are wireless devices that communicate through Bluetooth® serial connections. The accompanying software to operate the evec seat pad can be installed on any computer device running Windows XP/Vista or Windows Mobile 5 equipped with a Bluetooth interface. Suitable computer devices are PCs, Notebooks, PDAs, mobile/ cell phones with suitable input peripherals and other mobile devices complying with the above specifications. To install evec software on a Windows Mobile 5 mobile device, both a connection with a Windows XP/Vista PC or Notebook and an operational recent release of Microsoft ActiveSync are needed.

Standards Met ISO 2631, ISO 10326, ISO 8041, VDI 2057, EN 14253, ISO 10326
Frequency evaluations according to ISO 2631 Wd for x– and y-directions, Wk for z-direction
Results Display A(8) value, exposure time (ET), acceleration values in 3 directions
Dynamics Range 60 dB
Temperature Range -10° to +50° C
Shock Limit 100G
Bluetooth® communication Class 2
EMC According to EN 55022 and EN61000-4-8/6/2/3
Battery Run-Time > 20 hours
Storage Capacity for a measurement of 36 hours
Charging Time Approximately 2.5 hours
Dimensions (seat pad) Diameter: 205 mm; height: 12 mm (conforming to ISO 10326-1)
Weight (seat pad) 350 grams
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