Vibration Tool Tag and Attachment Package

Castle Group
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This Vibration Tool Tag and Attachment Package gives you a comprehensive solution to quick and secure attachments and detachments of accelerometers for your vibration assessments, as well as an effective method of labelling all of your tools with the relevant vibration exposure information.
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Brand Castle Group
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Vibration Tool Tag and Attachment Package

Castle Hand Arm Vibration Tags

These durable plastic Hand Arm Vibration Tags can be easily attached to hand Power Tools, giving the operator all of the vibration exposure information one might need.


  • Vibration Magnitude Level
  • Dates of tests
  • Maximum daily permitted usage time
  • HAV Points per hour, etc. Commonly used as part of a Hand Arm Vibration management system, data can simply be inputted using a marker pen. These Hand Arm Vibration Tags come in 3 different colours so signify the severity of vibration from different tools. These tags are a cost effective way to ensure your operators are aware when using each piece of hand held vibratory equipment, and, when used in conjunction with a managed Hand-Arm vibration plan, the Hand Arm Vibration Tags can provide another stepping stone in ensuring your organisations compliance with The Control Of Vibration At Work Regulations 2005. Manufactured from tough 800 micron polypropylene, These HAV Tags are designed to withstand the toughest and demanding of environments.

Pack of 100 Standard Small Cable Ties

These cable ties are perfect for attaching Hand Arm Vibration Tags.

Castle Lumocolour Pen

The included Lumocolour pen is used for inputting measurement results on the Hand Arm Vibration Tags.

TT4 Tensioning Tool

The TT4 Tensioning Tool means you never need to worry about loose cable ties again. Ties can be added quickly and securely, ensuring all of your readings are error free.

100 x Metal Barbed Cable Ties

These metal barbed metal cable ties are easily adjustable but give the strongest hold, recommended for vibration assessments.

What's in the Box

This Vibration Tool Tag and Attachment Package Includes:

  • 10 x Red, 10 x Amber and 10 x Green Vibration Hand Arm Vibration Tags
  • 1 x TT4 Tensioning Tool
  • 1 x Pack of 100 Metal-Barbed Cable Ties
  • 1 x Pack of 100 Standard Small Cable Ties
  • 1 x Lumocolour Pen
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